Canon MTS Files – Magic Splitting and Concatenation

Something weird happened when I was editing some video from the HFS20.  As my system looked at the card, somehow it saw 17 minutes of video in 1 file on the SD Card.

This worked great until I copied the media to the NAS, and repointed Adobe Premier at the new spot.  For some reason, the file no longer contained all 17 minutes of video/audio.

I looked at the raw files, and they were split into a 2G file, and then a followup 1.2G file, split where I KNOW we never stopped and restarted taping.

In order to not trash my project, I thought of trying all sorts of things including replacing the clip with a sequence that had both clips concatenated into it.  That didn’t seem to work out though.

I saw some people had used programs to add the files together, but I didn’t want to go find some single use piece of program to do this.

So I thought.. I wonder…

cat 00023.MTS + 00024.MTS >> 0002324.MTS

This was on my linux box, but I’m certain this would have worked at just about any command line with appropriate changes for the operating system.

Sure enough, that worked.  I guess there aren’t any headers or footers in the file that Adobe Premier cares about, because it ate up the new file with aplomb, and my project nicely re-rendered.

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