Honeywell Air Filters – HRF What?

We’ve got a Honeywell air purifier in the house, and while the lights on the device never said it was time to change the filter, after several years, it was time to change the filter.

The problem was that (of course) Home Depot didn’t carry any replacement filters in stock, just online. On top of that, there seemed to be about 3 different filters that might work for my filter. So, hopefully to clear it up for anyone else.

The filter that came with your air purifier is probably one large solid unit. Honeywell doesn’t actually sell these, though you can find them from other manufacturers and sold as OEM filters.

Honeywell does sell filters that when stacked on top of each other, equal the same physical size as the original filter. For us we had a 50250, so that meant we had to buy 3 filters. But what kind?

So, originally, Honeywell made 2 kinds of replacement filters:

  1. HRF-14
  2. HRF-11

These filters have been phased out and individually replaced with two other filters:

  1. HRF-F1
  2. HRF-D1

So if you are looking for a HRF-14 (or you see it for sale), you can buy that, or you can get the newer HRF-F1.

If you are looking for a HRF-11, you can buy that, or you can get the newer HRF-D1.  From looking at the links to the websites for each product, I can’t tell a difference between the old and the new.  The difference between #1 and #2 appears to be size.

Also, don’t forget that you might need to buy a pre-filter as well.  This is a black piece that wraps around the filter.  It looks as though this comes in a solid piece that can then be stripped apart to fit different heights of air filters.

There are two different kinds (of course).

  1. HRF-AP1
  2. HRF-APP1

Looks like the difference between the AP and the APP, is that the APP is a plus, and has more deodorizing capability.  Instead of just carbon, the APP also has zeolite.  Whether this is really worth more, who knows.  Both of these items are replacements for the 38002 Universal Pre-Filter.  The AP1 also comes in a 4 pack called the HRF-AP4.

Hope this all helps when you go to buy more filters.


  1. i know this post is old, but i found it most helpful. thanks!

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