It’s the end of the world? The beginning of chaos brought to you by Apophis.

So if you are counting on the Mayan calendar to wipe out all your debt, obligations, and the rest of the Earth, well, I don’t think you are going to have much luck (or unluck depending on how look at it.

However, if you can hold out until 2029 or 2036 you may just get your wish (or your disaster).

I’m actually somewhat curious as to why people aren’t freaking out about this asteroid.  On the first pass, it will actually come between the Earth and some of our man made satellites.  (Time to rethink that uber-long subscription to XM radio!).

The path of the asteroid could change so much, it is possible it could cause an impact when it comes back around in 2036.

NASA is doing a great job at keeping tabs on the situation.  I’d keep an eye on this page.  Until then, don’t worry, I’m sure that when it is time for panic (and the news stations think they can increase their ratings) they will carry the story.

Until then, I guess we’ll have to just rely on science (thanks to NASA).

And seriously, for so many other reasons… Thanks NASA.

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