Making some dough

For some reason, I find myself in a love hate relationship with bread.  More of a hate, dislike.  I mean, I think bread is OK.  I like it and all, but I’m not in love with it.

I do however, find myself trying to master the art of baking it.  I’ve tried the “Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day“.  But honestly, I could never get that to come out right.  I always ended up with a 10 inch wide 1.5 inch tall loaf of bread.  It would be great for a large sandwich, but I don’t tend to make Dagwoods very often.

So I went back to basics, and just decided to make plain ol’ bread.  I’ve been using this recipe, and it has been working out pretty well.

I did learn an important lesson today.  Punch the dough.

See, I thought, if I let the dough rise for double the amount of time (2 hours) rather than letting it rise for an hour, punch it down, rise for another hour, and cook.  I imagined having the fluffiest bread ever.

It didn’t work that way.  Instead, it started to rise, got to a certain point, and then started to shrink again.  Not exactly what I was going after.  But the bread still turned out pretty good.

So here is the recipe that I’ve been using lately.  I guess I can label it as “difficult to screw up.”


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