Cranial Thunder Productions

Who is Cranial Thunder Productions?

I’ve been providing audio and video production services since 1992.  Here is some of my latest work.  For all of these videos, I did the shooting, directing, editing, scripting, blocking, audio, etc.

What have you created?

What problems can we solve?

  • Need someone on site to record video, and put it together into a nice package, we’ve done that.
  • Live stream a presentation to the Internet.
  • Create an animation out of your boring power point slide deck.

What can we do?

  • Provide video editing and special effects in Adobe Premiere, After Effects & Audition (CS6)
  • HD Shooting
  • Voice over work
  • Floor directing
  • Technical directing
  • Common sense, organization, logistics, keeping your project running smoothly when all else starts to change.
  • Perform in front of  or behind the camera

One Comment:

  1. Brett – Wow you saved the day for me. I was sitting here looking at the L.L.BeanFr370 I got for my birthday several years ago and thought this is so cooI i i wish I knew how to work it. No manual now and just the radio. I ran across your manual and thought how nice of you to take the time to enlighten someone on how to use this potentially handy devise. Thank you thank you, Sandy