Watching Hurricane Sandy

So hurricane Sandy is trolling the East Coast looking to do some damage.

I’ve compiled (and while I have power, will continue to update) a list of links I’m using to watch the storm.  If you have others, send them to me @HandyNerds  Thanks!

What can I be doing right now?

  • Fill a bathtub with water.  This can be used to flush toilets and such in the event of a loss of water pressure.
  • Fill empty plastic containers with water for drinking and cooking.
  • Make sure you have charcoal or gas for your grills, depending on which you have.
  • Prepare some food items that do not require re-heating or refrigeration.  Some I like are baked/broiled chicken, fried spam, rice, fried chicken, breads, etc..
  • Fill an ice chest with ice while you still have the ability to make ice.
  • Get your emergency light sources (flashlights, lanterns, etc. ) all together and test them. Know where they are and how to find them in dark/low light conditions.
  • Got a deck, move things so they are safe, or tied down.
  • Make sure your drainage systems are functioning properly and not clogged.

Uh Oh, things aren’t going well..

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