A simple blog post to start

It’s amazing how much you think you have to say until you are faced with an actual blog to post it on.

I don’t have any false hope that this will become some kind of amazing trove of information, or even a speed bump on the Internet, but I do need somewhere to share some ideas I have, even if no one listens or reads them.

Why?  Well when you tell people you were the first person to come up with the Geeks On Call idea, few people really believe you.  Thing is, that is what HandyNerds.com was supposed to be.

The problem was that I didn’t have it in me to charge the average home citizen enough money to make it worth while, and at a certain point it becomes more economical to purchase a new computer than to try to get 3 viruses, 20 games, and 2 versions of MS-Office off of an old one. There are also a finite amount of times you can show someone how to print their e-mail so they can read it.

Thus, I got out of the residential computer services business with no regrets other than not having a VW Beetle with my HandyNerds.com guy on the side.

I also tried my hand at a men’s grooming retail website.  It was a great thought, and I met so many great people, and learned a lot.  But after a few years, I simply knew that I didn’t care enough to ever quit my full time job and dedicate myself to men’s grooming.

Fast forward to 2011/2012, and now we have Cranial Thunder, LLC.  I’ve got a few ideas brewing, and it should be an amazing adventure (just like it always has been).

I’ll be posting some of my other ideas up here to share.  I don’t have the time to implement everything I think about, so hopefully someone will find them, and put them to good use.

We’ll get started in a few moments, until then, thanks for stopping by.

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