After Sandy I moved a tree!

Sandy wasn’t too bad to us.  I was awoken at 8:35 AM Eastern to a giant WHOMP/WHAM.  I actually thought a tree hit the house.  (Or someone slammed a door REALLY hard).  I could find evidence of neither, so I guess maybe it was something exploding somewhere else?  Still unknown.

During the storm, Sandy did play with our outdoor furniture a bit:


After the storm, I went walking around to find this poor chap whose tree had fallen on his car.



He was going to saw off the branch, when I suggested, that branch was the only thing holding up the tree.  So I held up the tree for him, he pulled his car out, and then I set the tree down.  Yep, the whole tree.



I guess I earned the nickname THOR! today.  I got to move a car from underneath a tree.

And now I’m working on my special projects.


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