Bolts From The Blue – Ideas Nobody Asked For

I’m starting a new category.  I’m not sure if I should call it Ideas Nobody Asked For or Bolts From The Blue.  If you happen to read this and have an opinion, let me know what you think.

Here’s the ‘gist.  I get these ideas for businesses that I think are awesome.  These could be ways to reach more customers, advantages in a changing market, or ideas for new products.

In each of these ideas is a nugget.  At least I think so.  But it isn’t worth my time to pursue.  Let’s take the first example you are going to see.  This is for a coffee shop here in town called Beanetics.

It’s a great coffee shop, but I think it could be amazing.  With a few additional niche market opportunities, I think their business could expand with aplomb.  I think these are great ideas, but I either don’t have (or desire having) a coffee shop in which to implement them.  So I send my ideas to the company, and wait a bit.

If they say…. PLEASE WAIT, WE NEED MORE TIME.  Sure, I’ll wait.  But if I don’t hear back from them, or they just say, “yeah thanks.” then they get published here for anyone to use.

If you think I could help your company professionally, let me know.  I’ve got experience in all kinds of industries and am always interested in helping others.


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