BSides Cincinnati 2016 – All Live Streams

It doesn’t appear that Youtube will easily list all the upcoming live events (live streams) that a user has coming up, so because I’m not sure how else anyone would find them, I’m posting a list here of all the streams for the BSides Cincinnati 2016 Conference I’ll be live streaming on Saturday, May 21st.

If you have questions or are looking for updates during the event, best to check the BSidesCincy twitter feed or their homepage.  If streams have to be restarted entirely, I’ll try to repost here or on Twitter (but chances are if I’m doing that, things are crazy!)


Playlist with all the individual streams added to it.
7:00 AM – Test Stream (This is mostly for testing on site gear, so if it isn’t there, then we’ve already tested stuff)
10:00 AM – Liam Randall – Keynote (This stream will go up early so people can test their own gear)
11:00 AM – Warren Kopp – Threat Modeling, What and How
1:00 PM – Scott Roberts – Incident Response Tools So Cool You’ve Never Heard of Them: Hipster DFIR on OSX & iOS
2:00 PM – Nate Hausrath – How to Build an Intelligence Program
3:00 PM – Mark Stockman – The Burgeoning Cybersecurity Discipline
4:00 PM – Coleman Kane – Malware Analysis on a Budget
5:00 PM – Mark Jeanmougin – Your 8 Character Active Directory Password is Strong Enough
6:00PM (After the last talk) – Brett Thorson – What it Takes to Stream and Record a Security Con – AKA, Watch Brett Give A Talk With Only 3 Hours Notice!

I’m not sure what kind of bandwidth we’ll have so if the streams are awful we’ll be pulling the resolution down.  Unfortunately, while in the middle of a stream, we can’t down grade it.  I’ll be starting with 720p at the Keynote and seeing how that goes.

Also, since the streams might drop out, I am recording the talks for offline editing to ensure we get all of the talks online.  If the streamed talk is complete, we might leave it there.  If it needs help, then we have to put up a new video and delete the archive of the stream (Youtube doesn’t let you replace videos).

If you have comments or questions, let me know, otherwise… On with the show!

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