This Year’s Halloween Tube

I’ve been living in this house for a while, and realized the first year that running up and down the stairs to deliver halloween candy to the front door was quite bothersome.

Tossing candy out the second floor french doors was fun, but the kids who got hit in the face didn’t think so.

I acquired a long cardboard tube, painted it black, and put some lights on it.  I made a sign for kids to ring the bell, and head over to the tube.  Some kids didn’t seem to bother reading the sign (future non instructions readers of the Earth!).

This year, I’ve taken off the static lights and put fully addressable, programmable LEDs up and down the length of the tube.  75 LEDs in total.  Powered by a 20 Amp power supply.  For the front door, I’ve put up an LOL Shield on top of an Arduino to deliver the message to not expect candy at the front door in BLAZING BLUE LED color.

Here’s a short video of it all, if you have any questions or comments, ask away!

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