Time to take my idea, and trash it

DCWeek inspired me to do something.  It inspired me to take one of my ideas, and finally do something with it.

Back in 2007, I had just finished planning an event.  It was awful trying to find a venue.  So I thought, why isn’t there a website I can go to, enter in all my information, and have it blasted out to the venues so they can come contact me.

I bought a bunch of domains, BanquetHallFinder.com FindAPartyPlace.com FindAPlaceToParty.com and the like.

Then, I let the domains sit there, and the idea ruminate.  I didn’t act on it.

This week I went to DCWeek, and I saw a lot of ideas in the event market space but none that addressed the problem of finding a venue.  Recharged, I came home tonight with a plan to put FindAPartyPlace in motion.

But then I recalled something I heard just hour earlier.  Maybe the competitive landscape had changed.  So I checked with the goog, and sure enough, in about 2010 (by domain records) about 5 companies popped up to do exactly what I had thought of.

Moral of the story?  If you have a good idea that fills a gap that isn’t filled, work on it immediatly.  Otherwise, instead of an innovator, you’ll be a competitor, and that’s a tougher (but not impossible) role to be in.

I’ve got so many other ideas, that competing in the marketplace doesn’t make sense for me.  So if anyone wants a fun FindAPartyPlace.com domain, let me know.  Going cheap!

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