Ideas for PNC –

Here is an idea I submitted to PNC bank.  Why PNC?  Well, they don’t seem evil to me like some other banks.  They also seem to have a better relationship with their customers.  I actually know who is the branch manager at my PNC bank.  I am greeted at the door whenever I step into the branch.  They just do human interaction really well.

Though I do have to give it to TD bank, I enjoy the fact that TD bank got rid of the 2″ plexiglass barrier between customer and service associate.

According to an article at the New York Times some employees are being forced to get paid through corporate payment debit cards which carry with them fees for use.  Employers simply credit the earned wages to the card, and employees use the card as a payment device.

Employees have the option to opt out of these systems, but are faced with a large amount of paperwork they may not feel comfortable filling out. If they can’t opt out of the system they are charged fees if they use an ATM to get cash, or other things we might take for granted using our own earned money.

Here is my suggestion for you. Offer to fill out the “opt out” forms for these people, and at the same time, open a PNC account for them. You’ll be doing them a favor, and getting a customer at the same time. For employees that can’t get out of the system, offer to do automatic ACH transfers for them into a new account at PNC bank. If you can cover your expenses while making it less expensive for them, you will have a new customer and a new source of (in)direct deposits.

I hope these ideas are useful and you can use them. If you think these are worthwhile ideas and need time to implement, I’m happy to wait before publishing. If not, I’ll put them on my blog in a week or so, and hopefully others can use them.


–Brett Thorson

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