Nordstrom wowed my pants ON

I typically only spend time in the CustomerUnService category writing about companies that are doing customer service incorrectly.  That’s not good to focus just on the bad.  So today, let’s talk about a company that does it correctly.


The story begins as I arrive to work wearing jeans and a polo shirt.  I didn’t have any meetings scheduled and as such these types of days usually get filled with either e-mail, research or moving equipment.  In the morning I was informed that I needed to attend a meeting later that day and talk about one of my designs I had come up with.  I’d be talking to people that would be wearing ties at the least and probably suits.  Jeans and a polo wasn’t going to cut it.

Stopping by the house to change wasn’t really an option.  So I thought I’d try to call Nordstrom to see if they could help me solve my problem.

I called Nordstrom, and the phone was picked up immediately by Brittany.  I’m not even sure I heard it ring.  I explained to her my situation that I needed new clothes (pants, shirt at the least, maybe shoes and an undershirt).  I figured I could probably get away without an undershirt for a few hours, and hide my feet under the table.  She listened to my issue, and said, “I’m going to see if I can get our personal shopper on the phone.”  She tried, and didn’t hear back.

Then she said, “Let me call over to the Men’s department.”  She tried, and no answer.  She tried once more, but before she did, she said, “When I get a hold of them, I’ll explain your situation so you don’t have to repeat it.”  WOW!

I was finally transferred to a gentleman whose name I think was Jessie.  I explained to him what I was looking for, roughly my sizes, and that I’d be there in about 15 minutes and have to leave in 60 minutes.  He looked in the system to see if they had clothes for me, and said to come on in and talk to Atma.

I came into the Nordstrom at Tyson’s Corner and looked for Atma.  She was busy pulling clothes off the rack in my sizes.  While they didn’t have the Nordstrom brand wrinkle free pants (these are REALLY awesome) in my size on the rack, they had some that could be hemmed.

I decided on rather than a full button down shirt, on a casual dress shirt.

We had the pants and shirt all set.  But the pants needed to be hemmed.  They called in the tailor, he measured me up and he went to work. During this time I had a chance to eat in their cafe to grab a quick bite to eat.

I was out of there in less than 60 minutes.

The cost was commensurate with the service and the quality of the garment.  Meaning, it wasn’t inexpensive, but the value of the service and the merchandise, it was extremely fair.  Obviously while Nordstrom does consider cost, they are a value proposition company, and on this day, they did a spectacular job providing value.

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  1. Hello Mr. Thorson,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to blog about us, and share your thoughts! I was forwarded the link to your blog by our Nordstrom Direct Department and as the Store Manager to our Tysons location, I wanted to personally respond.

    I am so thrilled to read that we were able to find exactly what you needed for your last minute meeting. I can most definitely understand the “panic” you may have felt when informed that your casual office day turned into a professional business meeting kind of day. However, I am so pleased to know that Brittany, in our Call Center, made sure to get you to the right department and even more so that Atma and our Tailor Shop were available and prepared to help make your visit quick and easy. Your experience is a true testament to the pride our team has for our reputation of service. From the time our operators answer the phone to the last stitch done on a customer’s alteration request I know that the team here at Tysons wil work together to make a customer’s visit seamless. I am so proud of the way our team upholds the Nordstrom reputation of service and I cannot wait to thank and congratulate Brittany, Atma, and our Tailor Shop for a job well done.

    Thanks again Mr. Thorson for sharing your experience. I hope that your meeting turned out well, and we look forward to serving you again soon.

    Helen Kim
    Store Manager
    Nordstrom Tysons Corner

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