Skinny Buns

I went to the store the other day to purchase some buns for hot dogs we were going to have that evening.  Have you noticed the size of the buns as compared to the size of the hot dog lately?  I guess the lately assumes that I think it has changed over time.  Maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, it seems that when you get hot dog buns at the store, and put a hot dog in there, it gets lost.  Not lost as in, “there is more room for toppings.”  Lost as in there is more bun volume than hot dog volume.

Here’s what I think the world needs. Skinny Buns.  Buns that are half the height as regular buns, and we can probably even lose some of the length too.  These buns would have the same width, a bit shorter on the length (or I’ll have to keep buying foot long hot dogs all my life) and considerably less height.

I suppose I could get some flat bread, but I really do enjoy the texture and taste of a good potato roll with my frank.

So here you go world, another idea I won’t have time to pursue.  Go forth, and make millions.

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