Superfeet Green

So I’ve been having some troubles with my knees after a Disney injury. I really wish it was more exciting, but it isn’t. The orthopedic Dr. that I went to suggested that I get some Superfeet Green Premium Insoles. I looked around and picked up a pair at REI (since I wanted them right now).

I found it interesting that while many of the people said they loved them, some of the other comments were:

  • Takes a long time to break in
  • The arch is too high / it feels out of place (even a FAQ on the company’s website)
  • They are too hard and don’t have any cushioning

I usually wear Merrill shoes.  Dress, and everyday shoes.  So I went to REI and pulled out the insole and put these in.  Honestly, I couldn’t tell much of a difference.  Not sure if that was because the Merrill’s already have high arch support or what.  But with the few comments I did read I was expecting something extraordinary.

So these are a recommend.  The got me through a whirlwind tour of NYC, and I honestly didn’t know I had them in there.  I do think they are doing some good though, because some of my knee pain is going away.  Though, I am doing quite a few other things to rehab it, so this may just be incidental.

By the way, they do have some try-out pairs at REI so you can put them in your shoe and see which size you will need.

Also, mine do squeak a bit, so I guess I’ll be throwing some powder in there to alleviate it.

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