Thinking Differently @DCWeek

2012-11-08_13-03-14_718-e1352398230780I’m sitting near the perimeter of the building (wearing my Atari shirt) watching a physical sign taped to a column fall down.

People walk by, pick it up, and put it back up on the wall.

This is one of the best pieces of interactive media ever, and no one “created it”.

What better than physical action (of falling down) to get people involved?  People look when the sign falls, one person decides to pick it up, other people watch, and the sign is re-installed.  A few minutes later, the same thing happens again.

I see a lot of people here at DCWeek, but it seems to be some pretty normal thinking.  Me, I’m walking around giving away shots of espresso beans (with chocolate) because it is a great ice breaker.  And who doesn’t need a little caffeine   I’m trying to give people a different ways to think about things.

I wish there were more wow moments of extreme awareness or creativity.  Me?  I’m just trying to be different, like a sign that just won’t stay put and demands your attention.

Espresso bean anyone?

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