The UPS Store vs Google Voice Transcription

I don’t like my packages sitting out in front of my house, and like everyone else I order stuff over the Internet.  So for this reason, I purchased a UPS box.  The number the UPS Store uses to notify me of arrived packages is a google voice number.  They call, leave a message and it gets transcribed.

The call usually goes something like this:

Hello, this is ___ from the UPS Store.  A package came in for ___ from ___ and it is ready to be picked up.

Here is what google voice thinks they are saying in these messages.

Hello, this is a this dancing ups tornado. It’s a message for Bosnia. I was actually convert today and it’s ready to picked up okay. Have a good one. Bye bye.

I wonder what he was converted from.

The rest of Europe, package here for. This is birthing I’m Gap, you can come pick it up. Thank you. Bye.

Filling in all those unpopulated areas in Southern France I guess.

Hi, personal residence is that U. P. S store. That one package here for Mr Soon, from all my nose. And if you come pick it up. Thank you. Bye.

Sir, I do believe you can keep that package.  I’d also like my mailbox sprayed with some Lysol.

Good afternoon, I’m calling from the AT U. P. S. Store get concerned because one package and put it from on the phone I don’t know if you can pick it up. Take care.

Yeah, you better get concerned!  I’m putting this package on the M.F. PHONE!!

Alright start the rest of this. U. P. S. Starter one package here for…..

Yes, let’s start the rest of this and bring this posting to a close.

I’ll be putting more of these up here as I get them, but just the funny ones.

Of course, if you want more of these, you can always send me stuff!  😉


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