Wow, that was tasty – Williamsburg, VA

So we decided to get off property for dinner this evening.  Once again, we used Yelp to find someplace to eat.  Yelp actually does a really good job and hasn’t let us down yet.  We ended up at a place called Taco Mexicali.  WOW that was tasty.  Hands down the best Mexican food I have ever had.  They also had a happy hour (that seemed to last a LOT longer than an hour) for $2.50 margaritas, and for a $1 more you could get some flavoring in there too.

We had the Texas Burrito and Azeracho (or something like that).  Both were delicious.  The skirt steak must have been marinated for decades because it wasn’t as gristly as other skirt steaks I’ve had elsewhere.

Some of the reviews say the service isn’t that great.  We didn’t seem to have any problem, and besides, it seemed like there were 2 people waiting on all the tables totally busting their butts.  Not like some of the places I go where there are an abundance of wait staff and most just hang around.

Afterwards we headed over to Handel’s Ice Cream.  It is literally right across the street.  What a great ice cream shop, and so many flavors.  Some of the names are a little confusing as they don’t tell you what the flavor is.  But I think I found one of my new favorites, Graham Central Station.  Graham cracker flavored ice cream with some crunchy bits in there too.  That was tasty.  We tried 6 different types of ice cream, and all were REALLY good.

So, besides the tradition of Great Wolf Lodge, be sure to check out Taco Mexicali and Handel’s Ice Cream.

Those are some tasty treats.

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