BlendTec Blender – Yeah It Blends

I just got my new BlendTec blender last night for Christmas.  Yeah, it came a bit early this year.

This blender is AWESOME.  After dealing with countless blenders that get that air pocket at the bottom, and then just spin, I was ready for something new.  I’ve even worn out the base of a blender before and had to do some major prying to replace the bottom.

But this thing is built like a tank.

I tossed in whole celery, frozen bananas, apples (cored) and all sorts of other stuff, and what came out was awesome.  And instead of cleaning up after my juicer, all I had to do was rinse, drops of soap, spin & rinse.

I will offer one suggestion about the videos.  I enjoy watching the Will It Blend videos, but maybe during the intro show people eating soup, or drinking smoothies or munching on ice cream. That will help viewers correlate the blender with food, so they think about it, then get amazed with the power of the blender as you chop up marbles and hockey pucks.

Anyway, I’ve got all sorts of ideas all the time. I hope these help!  Now, I’m going back to blending everything in sight.

–Brett Thorson

P.S.  I’ve since edited this post.  I originally provided a suggestion that they include some way for the moisture to escape the bottom of the mixing bowl to allow it to dry.  I sent these suggestions into BlendTec and got an almost immediate response.  The first one was “There are holes”.  Which embarrassingly enough, there are.  The second one was “we’ll send that along to the people who make our videos.”

I’ve since made several smoothies in the BlendTec, and WOW, it’s awesome.

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