UPS and Google Voice – The Comedy Continues

Continuing our mistranscriptions by Google Voice of our UPS package notifications, we’ve got some more. Enjoy.

Hi. This is Dan from U. P. S, store and I know I’m just calling you know that there was a pesky predebate earlier this morning. As for the picked up. Hello going bye bye.

I hate those debates before the debate. I never know if I’m coming or going.

If you can store calling to let you know you’re a package here for miss the doors and please come pick it up. Thank you. Bye.

Yeah, try not to run into the doors this time. It’s getting expensive.

Hey bro, this is. I have in the U. P. S. Or is like to let you know we just received a package for you.I’m just come pick it up anytime.

What up, you gots a package YO!

I had a good afternoon. Just calling from the AT U. P. S. Store you received an Email Support.Because intent and I will. We hope this isn’t spitting up. Take care.

Glad to hear your day went well. I got a what? And oh my goodness, is there a small child in the box?

However, the restaurant hey yo you. Okay bye. Thank you. Bye.

Hey yo, oh no, what, did I forget to pay my bill? The restaurant is all up in my grill.

I just, U. P. S store. We have every turn, the shipper package here for Mr. Thorson from FedEx.Please come pick up and take a look at it. Thank you. Bye.

I ran out of turns, so luckily, I now know where to get more.

I was arrested the tickets to work. Com called your package here for a Mr. Thorson and you. Com Sierra. If you alright. Thank you. Bye.

This is Foxtrot six gamma. Tickets have been bailed out. We’ve gone Delta Fed Ex.

There is a resident the P. S. Store Montana. Get 2 package. If you’re free. If you come pick it up.Thank you. Bye.

Wow, that’s going to be a LOOOONG drive from Virginia.

Hi. This is Dan from the past and I know I was calling about the packages. The payment today and it’s ready picked up. Have a good one. Bye bye.

This is Brett from the future. Please don’t ever stop calling me. These are hilarious.

They’re talking about what you’re calling from the AT U. P. S. Store you received in the Pre pack it in today, one from so you get to talk to you about what his from Amazon and the last one is from ask a beep, but it’s a big box. And it weighs about about that think about 95 per pound. And we hope to see if we could pick it up but take care.

I think from what I can tell from this message, the gorilla I ordered arrived, escaped, and beat you crazy.

Hi, this is dampness. PS, Fernando, just calling let you know if they would go with the fax I can for you too, pick up, I was going bye bye.

ABBA? But why are they wet?

It’s just gonna try calling from the AT U. P. S. Sorry you received. To The to package wanna slam about the other one is from Western if you don’t, I don’t know what this is going to pick it up Let’s take care.

Let’s take care not to slam about. OK?

I had a good afternoon. I just calling from the L, U. P. S. Store you received one package incident at from Yes, I’ll be and that when the box came in to us it. It looks so if it would be a apartment or not.And I will see you soon to pick it up. Take care.

Well, at least we’re not in Montana anymore.


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